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Virtual CFO Services

Expert Financial Guidance for Your Business

Every business needs the financial expertise a CFO provides.

But smaller businesses can rarely afford it.

Our Virtual CFO service makes CFO-level guidance affordable to growth-minded businesses like yours.

What does a Virtual CFO do?

  • They're a strategist
  • They're a forward-looking advisor
  • They use numbers to drive decisions
  • They understand the past (the existing financials) and the future (the vision) of the business
  • Most importantly, they can put together a plan to help the business grow!

Do I need a CFO for my small business?

Every small business that wants to grow and be successful needs someone to:

  • Track profit and cash flow
  • Analyze financial strengths and weaknesses
  • Propose corrective actions

When should I hire a CFO?

A full-time CFO costs (on average) $200K and above per year and is a great choice for businesses with annual revenue of $20M or more.

However, our Virtual CFO service allows you to pay a fraction of that price and still receive:

  • Profit and cash flow target-setting
  • Monthly business asessment
  • Monthly scorecard
  • Monthly action plan
  • Unlimited access

No setup fee. No contract. Cancel anytime.