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Cathy founded Incline Accounting in 2014 with a desire to help small business owners achieve their dreams by empowering them around their finances.  She’s found that her logical and analytical personality frees entrepreneurs to focus on imagining the possibilities and executing their visions instead of being bogged down by the numbers.  Cathy has come to realize this as her life calling and brings a great deal of passion to the businesses she works with.

Cathy obtained her B.S.B.A. in Accounting from the University of West Florida in 2003 and is currently pursuing her MBA with emphasis in Accounting from Colorado Christian University.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Cathy values spending time with her husband and five children at their home in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

About the name:
Incline Accounting

The Incline is a famous trail that scales Pikes Peak. It is a steep, difficult trail, but the payoff at the top makes the struggle worthwhile.  Running a business can be the same way.  Most people won’t even try, but for the few who do, the payoff is so worth it.

 An inclined plane is a tool that provides LEVERAGE to accomplish great things.  That is what we strive to be for your business.

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